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Looking for a kitesurf instructor or a job as an instructor?

You can use the form on this page to place and add/resume if you are a kite or surf instructor and looking for a job. If are kite or surf school owner or manager you can place a job offer on this page. We also got a sub section for surf related jobs, like working in a surf shop or manage a surfhostel.

Make sure you place your add or job offer in the right category and be as specific as possible.

Select the surf of kitesurf instructor option if you are looking for a job or if you are looking for a surf related job, select the surf related option.

After you made your choice you can als choose a preferred continent on which you would like to work. You can choose more then one continent.

Select the right category in which your job offer should fit best, surf or kitesurf instructor if your school or company is looking for instructors. The surf related section is for job offers like shop employees or a hostel manager.

After that please select the continent on which your company is located.

During the creation of a job offer/resume you can choose your own username to log-in at another time. You will receive an e-mail with a registration link and to choose a password. Make sure that you log-out first (you will be logged-in temporarily during your first session) otherwise the registration link won’t work.


For instructors looking for a job this service is free, for schools/companies we ask a small donation of € 10,- for the placement of 1 job offer or € 25,- for the placement of job offers all year round. You can make a donation with PaPal by clicking on the PayPal button below.

Make a donation with PayPal:


At this moment we are testing this new fucntion, registration and adding your job offers will be free for now. But feel free to make a donation.

Your job offer/resume will stay online for 90 days, then it will be automatically deleted. Do you wish to extent this period please let us know through the contact form.