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Cabrinha Crosswing X2


Promotieclip van de nieuwe surfwing van Cabrinha, de crosswing X2, in meerdere maten en een nieuwe boom constructie.


The Crosswing X2 has an all new body outline and inflatable frame which makes it incredibly stiff and rigid. The wing holds its shape while under heavy loads or while boosting massive airs.

 The Double Strut™ of the X2 allows one inflated mini strut to support the canopy profile while the second “boom” strut is designed for precise ergonomics and predictable wing control. Each strut serves its own function and purpose without compromise. The X2’s increase in performance is seen across the wingsurfing spectrum. From quick starts to high-speed runs. 

From tight surfing to huge airs, the Crosswing X2 is ready to perform wherever your imagination takes you. 

Available in sizes: 3m / 4m / 5m / 6m / 7m

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